Lavender House

“your favorite place to relax”
I invite you to relax in my Lavender House in Tuchola Forest.
It is a land of immensity of forests, meadows, lakes, wild birds and animals.
My picturesque village of Kurcze.

The house is built from wooden logs, mounted on a stone foundation. Surrounded by a stone terrace and a yard paved with field stone.

The house borders meadows and a forest.
For me Lavender is a symbol of beauty, familiarity, summer, sun and home. A home, in which we are wrapped in peace, security and warmth.
And that is precisely what my Lavender House is like.

You are cordially invited.


Tuchola Forest

Village of Kurcze is situated only a few kilometers from the major tourist attractions of the Tuchola Forest.
We highly recommend:
  • Aqueduct in the village of Fojutowo – is an intersection of two watercourses Czerska Stream and the Grand Brda Canal. It is the longest (75m) and largest structure of its kind in Poland.
  • “Mylof” dam – a dam with a picturesque water culvert and a hydroelectric power station. Here begins the Great Brda Canal
  • 1 km from the lake “Ostrowite”
„Mid such fields years ago, by the edge of a rill,
In a grove of white birches, upon a slight hill…”

Adam Mickiewicz “Pan Tadeusz” (translation by Marcel Weyland)